Exploring Conversational AI: Platform Workflow

Revolutionize the way you conduct your initial job interviews by following this what is conversational AI workflow
Organization and team management in ShortlistIQ

Create a free account and invite your team

Begin by setting up your organization, creating clear distinctions between entities and invite your colleagues to join, assigning roles that mirror their real-life responsibilities - all geared towards a cohesive team dynamic.

Tailor your very first conversational AI recruitment assistant

Train your first conversational AI assistant, tailor its communication preferences to match the tone and culture of your company, ensuring a personal touch in every interaction.
Generating an AI interview assistant in ShortlistIQ
Training an AI interview assistant on job opening requirements

Open job positions and initiate AI training

Effortlessly create job openings and equip the conversational AI to conduct interviews for any role. Our friendly interface requires no technical skills, guiding you through the process with AI recommendations on key aspects.

Effortlessly manage candidate invitations

Import all job applicants for any position from various sources and dispatch interview invites with ease, preparing the stage for a smooth interviewing process with conversational AI.
Listing of job applicants in ShortlistIQ

Monitor the interview process in real-time

Conversatinal AI will engage in online chat-based interviews with applicants, effortlessly emulating human conversation while extracting valuable insights about each candidate's skills and fit through strategic questioning.

Analyze results to find the perfect fit

Receive a detailed performance candidate analysis, scored on predefined criteria, helping you gain an unbiased perspective on their suitability for the role. A sortable and filterable list ranks candidates, expediting the decision-making process.
AI screening complete, job candidate's score card example
HR manager view of joining AI recruiting chat

Connect seamlessly with shortlisted candidates

Engage with shortlisted candidates directly in the interview chat, addressing follow-up questions or scheduling the next step, keeping the process smooth and familiar, while maintaining a swift hiring momentum.

Analyze where the best candidates are coming from and sources ROI

Compare the effectiveness of different talent sources and calculate their return on investment. Leverage this data to refine your job posting strategies, optimizing both costs and outcomes for future hires.
ShortlistIQ Analytics

Bring the future of AI recruitment to your team

AI assistant recruiting a job applicant
Generating an AI interview assistant in ShortlistIQ