Pioneering Innovation in AI-Driven Recruitment

Your technological partner in transforming the tedious task of first-round interviews into a streamlined, efficient process.

Our mission is to lead the charge in revolutionizing the recruitment process by harnessing the power of conversational AI

We envision a workspace where first-round interviews are no longer chores but opportunities to discover truly great talents. Our sophisticated AI assistants are designed to empower HR teams, allowing them to focus on what truly matters - connecting with the right candidates and building a workforce of the future
The Challenge

Eliminating Recruitment Bottlenecks

The recruitment industry is fraught with challenges: the high volume of applicants, the intensive labor required for initial screenings, and the ever-present risk of human bias. It's a time-consuming process that can lead to lost opportunities and a poor candidate experience. Recognizing these bottlenecks, we saw an opportunity to make a change – a change that can reshape the landscape of recruitment.
The solution

AI-Powered Efficiency at Your Service

Meet our conversational AI interview assistant. By mimicking the expertise of top human recruiters through a smart chat interface, our AI conducts initial interviews with the precision and sensitivity of the best in the business. It scores candidates effectively, fairly, and efficiently – saving over 85% of HR hours.
Designed for both robustness and ease, our assistant tailors each interview to the role in question, learns from each interaction, and evolves over time, ensuring the perfect fit for candidates and companies alike.
Why choose us

A Partner in HR Excellence

Our AI interview assistant sets us apart from the crowd. Here's why forward-thinking HR teams should choose us:
Shaping the Future of HR Recruitment. ShortlistIQ pioneers next-gen solutions for a transformative industry approach, offering advanced tools that redefine talent acquisition and streamline the hiring process with remarkable efficiency.
Crafting Effortless User Experiences. ShortlistIQ prioritizes user-friendliness, ensuring a seamless journey that simplifies the recruitment process, making it both effective and straightforward for all.
Promoting Fair and Unbiased Recruitment with AI. ShortlistIQ champions equitable hiring practices, leveraging AI to foster diversity and eliminate bias, thus redefining talent selection.
Driving Swift, Precise Recruitment Processes. ShortlistIQ accelerates recruitment, combining speed with meticulous attention, ensuring efficient talent acquisition that maintains the highest standards.

Join the future of recruitment with an AI that screens for potential, not prejudice

Decrease in time to hire
Decrease in job advertising
Increase in hard to fill roles
Candidate satisfaction rating

Bring the future of AI recruitment to your team

AI assistant recruiting a job applicant
Generating an AI interview assistant in ShortlistIQ