Benefits of AI in Recruitment

Our solution is packed with all features you may need to maximize the benefits of using AI in recruitment
Deep analysis providing detailed pros and cons for each applicant
AI screening complete, job candidate's score card example
Intelligent Candidate Scoring speeds up your workflow with just a quick glance, paving a clear path to candidates with the most potential.
Comprehensive pros and cons
Scores for each job requirement
Unbiased overall scores
Ranking and filtering
Tailor-make your AI recruitment assistant in just 5 minutes
Generating an AI interview assistant in ShortlistIQ
Design a unique interviewing style that aligns seamlessly with your company culture, all without needing any technical expertise.
Unique face generator
Company culture configuration
Interview intensity settings
40+ languages and dialects
Streamline your hiring across teams and organizations, effortlessly
Organization and team management in ShortlistIQ
Create multiple organizations and invite team members with defined roles, enabling precise and efficient teamwork in the hiring process.
Fully separate organizations
Easily invite team members
Manage user roles
Tailor plans per organization
Effortlessly train your AI recruitment assistant for any role in 15 minutes
Training an AI interview assistant on job opening requirements
Your AI recruiter can be quickly trained to ask in-depth, job-specific questions that drill down to the candidate’s true capabilities.
In-depth industry knowledge
AI guided interview training
Instantly available, no waiting time
Adaptive learning capabilities
Experience the benefits of AI-based human emulation in recruitment
Dive into a seamlessly realistic chat-based interview process via an unparalleled interface, making every interaction feel genuinely human.
Indistinguishable interaction
Cross-device compatibility
Conversational fluidity
Join in on their conversation

Bring the future of AI recruitment to your team

AI assistant recruiting a job applicant
Generating an AI interview assistant in ShortlistIQ